Phim Vui Cuối Tuần … Little Happiness for your Weekend

*Kính Chúc mọi Độc-giả, Bạn-hữu, Quý-khách của trang nhà, một cuối tuần vui vẻ, thoải mái và nhiều niềm vui.!

*Dear Readers, Visitors and Friends… We wish you a happy and peaceful weekend.. Relax & Enjoy …

*Chers lecteurs, visiteurs et amis… Nous vous souhaitons une heureuse et paisible week-end .. détendez-vous, et profitez-en!

charlie chaplin best clip of the circus


Filming the Circus

The Circus won Charles Chaplin his first Academy Award – it was still not yet called the ‘Oscar’ – he was given it at the first presentations ceremony, in 1929. The special award was for ‘Versatility and genius in writing, acting, directing and producing’.

The film certainly merited the honor. It contains some of his best comic inventions, subtly balanced with sentiment that is kept tightly in control. Yet paradoxically, though, this is the only film from his mature feature productions which Chaplin does not once mention in his extensive autobiography. As late as 1964, it seemed, this was a film he preferred to forget.

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