Canadian election 2015: Live news, photos and analysis – Đảng Tự Do vừa đắc cử !

Tối nay, 19- Oct – 2015, kết quả của cuộc tổng tuyển cử ở Canada vừa cho biết, Đảng Tự Do đã đắc cử với tổng số => “Party Liberal”:189 ghế.
Thủ-tướng mới của Canada là người con trai cả của cựu Thủ tướng Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Ô Justin Pierre James Trudeau.
Justin Trudeau sinh ngày 25 Tháng 12, 1971- 43 tuổi, tại Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Vợ là Sophie Grégoire.

VT Magazine

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The Liberal Party cut a dominating swath through the Atlantic region, then stormed into Ontario, Quebec and the Prairies as the first two waves of federal election results flooded in Monday, the beginning of the end of a historic, drawn-out campaign that saw political fortunes fluctuate dramatically.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won a majority government Monday, beating out Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and Thomas Mulcair’s NDP by a wide margin.

As up about 11:45 p.m. ET Monday, the Liberals were elected or leading in 189 ridings — up massively from the 36 seats they held at the start of the campaign. The Conservatives led or were elected in 105 ridings, down 54. The NDP was on track to win 36, which would be a 59-seat drop.

As the results became clear, news emerged that Harper will step down as Conservative party leader.

Party president John Walsh is expected to say that Harper has asked him to reach out to the new parliamentary caucus and request that they choose an interim leader, the Canadian Press reports.

Harper will stay on as the MP for Calgary Heritage.