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Sri Lanka bombings: Wealthy terrorist brothers who killed hotel guests pictured
Israel: Netanyahu to name occupied Golan Heights settlement after Trump


Apr 24 – 2019
Daily International News – Tin Thế Giới hằng ngày

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The eight fighters in the ISIS video raise their arms and point to the sky after swearing allegiance to the jihadists' caliph* Sri Lankan suicide bombers film themselves pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi before carrying out terror attack
ISIS has released footage of the Sri Lanka suicide bombers swearing allegiance to the terror group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi before the Easter Sunday massacre.


Image result for Ilham Ibrahim and  Inshaf,* THE SUITED KILLER ISIS suicide bomber pictured with proud millionaire dad at top business awards ceremony with Sri Lanka minister before Easter massacre
Millionaire’s sons Inshaf Ibrahim and his brother Ilham bombed the Cinnamon Grand and Shangri-La hotels in Sri Lanka.
Ishraf, 38, and 36-year-old Ilham blew themselves up among hotel diners during the nine-bomb blitz on Easter Sunday.
They walked into the hotels and calmly detonated their vests while guests were eating breakfast.

Inshaf blew himself up at the Cinnamon Grand, where at least eight victims died including Brit IT worker Lorraine Campbell.
Ilham did the same at the nearby Shangri-La Hotel, wiping out British families among guests.

Blood brothers: the wealthy family behind Sri Lanka’s suicide attacks

COLOMBO (Reuters) – Sri Lankan housewife Fathima Fazla thought of her neighbors in the grand three-storey home across the street as the wealthy celebrities of her humble Colombo suburb. She had no idea how infamous they would become.

* Death toll rises to 359 in Sri Lanka bombings, more arrests made
Sri Lanka’s president has asked for the resignations of the defence secretary and national police chief, a dramatic internal shakeup after security forces shrugged off intelligence reports warning of possible attacks before Easter bombings that killed over 350 people, the president’s office said Wednesday.


Image result for ‘We will declare war’: Philippines’ Duterte gives Canada 1 week to take back garbage* ‘We will declare war’: Philippines’ Duterte gives Canada 1 week to take back garbage
OTTAWA – The president of the Philippines says if Canada doesn’t take back tonnes of trash within the next week he will “declare war” and ship the containers back himself.

Canada says fix for garbage spat with Philippines on its way


Boeing's revenues* Boeing uncertain how 737 crashes will hit profits
Boeing has said it still does not know how the crisis over the safety of its 737 Max 8 jets will affect its profits.737 Max
In its latest set of results, Boeing said that due to the uncertainty over when the plane would be allowed to fly again, it could not forecast profits for this year. A fall in 737 deliveries has already led to a $1bn drop in revenues.


NetanyahuTrump.sized-770x415xt* Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: I will name community after President Trump
WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s name sits atop buildings, on clothing labels and (for a short time) even on porterhouse steaks. Now, he could have a community in the Middle East named after him.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured the Golan Heights, disputed Image result for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: I will name community after President Trumpterritory near Israel’s northern border that was seized from Syria during the Six Day war in 1967, and applauded Trump’s controversial decision last month that the U.S. would recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the area.
Netanyahu announced that to reward Trump’s decision, he would be introducing a resolution calling for a new community to be named after Trump.



Political News Worldwide Life Asia News Business Entertainment
* Trump accepts Queen’s
invitation for state
visit in June
Image result for Sri Lanka victims: Citizens of at least 12 countries killed* Sri Lanka victims:
Citizens of at least
12 countries killed

* Woman arrested in killing
of Northern Ireland 

Image result for Nothing wrong with help from Russians, Trump lawyer says* Nothing wrong with
help from Russians,
Trump lawyer says
* U.S. to end exemptions
on Iranian
sanctions for 5 nations,
including China

* Sri Lankan PM says
more attacks possible in
wake of Easter bombings
Image result for Sri Lanka identified suspects A foreigner checks his mobile* Investigator: 7 suicide
attackers behind 6 Sri
Lanka blasts
Related image* Sri Lanka to grant
military sweeping powers
after 290 killed in Easter attacks
* Saudi Arabia beheads
37 citizens
and pins one
of the headless bodies to a 

* Easter Sunday bomb
attacks kill more than 200
at Sri Lankan churches: hotel

* At least 11 dead
in Philippines earthquake,
more feared buried
This image made from video provided by Hiru TV shows damage inside a church after a blast in Colombo, Sunday, April 21, 2019. Near simultaneous blasts rocked three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. (Hiru TV via AP)More than 200 killed
in Easter Sunday terror
attacks across Sri Lanka
A mock of North Korea's Scud-B missile, left, and South Korean missiles are displayed at Korea War Memorial Museum in Seoul, South Korea.North Korea Tests
‘Tactical Weapon,’ Demands
Pompeo Replacement in
Nuclear TalksImage result for Jack Ma defends ‘truth over correctness’ as overtime work routine comment evokes online fury* Jack Ma defends ‘truth
over correctness’ as
overtime work routine
comment evokes online fury
A guard tower and barbed wire fences are seen around a political re-education camp in the XUAR's Atush city, Dec. 3, 2018.As Many as 1,200
Uyghur detainees held
in Gansu Prison after
secret transfer From Xinjiang
items.[0].image.alt* 16 airline passengers
taken to hospital after
landingIvanka Trump* Ivanka Trump has
confirmed she turned
down the job of
World Bank
..Ameircan Airlines Max 8* American Airlines cancels
Max flights through
Image result for Mazda recalls over 200,000 cars in Canada, U.S. due to windshield wiper issue* Mazda recalls over
200,000 cars in
Canada, U.S. due to
windshield wiper issue* Vivian Krause:
Rachel Notley, the
Rockefellers and
Alberta’s landlocked oil
Image result for Sounds like Harry and Meghan might be moving to Africa* Sounds like Harry
and Meghan might be
moving to Africa
Image result for Johnny Depp Reportedly Tried To Get Amber Heard Dropped From Johnny Depp Reportedly
Tried To Get Amber Heard
Dropped From “Aquaman”Angelina Jolie Legally Drops Pitt From Last NameAngelina Jolie Legally
Drops Pitt from Last Name

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in happier times at the premiere of their film, The Rum Diary, in London in November 2011. Photo: AP* Actress Amber Heard
recounts alleged abuse
by ex-husband
ohnny Depp
and asks
judge to dismiss his
US$50 million lawsuit
Loughlin* Loughlin, husband,
hit with money
laundering charge
* Mueller report did
not find that Trump team
conspired with Russia: U.S.
attorney general
Image result for U.S. allows lawsuits against foreign companies in Cuba, imperilling Canada* U.S. allows lawsuits
against foreign companies
in Cuba, imperilling Canada
Image result for Trump is not trying to incite violence against Ilhan Omar: White House* Trump is not trying
to incite violence
against Ilhan Omar:
White House
FILE - In this Aug. 11, 2015, file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump meets supporters after addressing a GOP fundraising event in Birch Run, Mich.Trump’s reelection
campaign has raised more
than $30 million
so far in 2019

Image result for Notre Dame fire likely caused by electrical short-circuit* Notre Dame fire
likely caused by
electrical short-circuit
* Journalist shot dead
during Northern Ireland riot
Image result for Man who walked into St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC with gas cans arrested* Man who walked into
St. Patrick’s Cathedral
in NYC with gas
cans arrested
* Man claims he fled
to Canada becau
se he’s
a S. Korean spy who
received a dangerous 

Image result for At least 29 dead after tourist bus crashes in Portugal:* At least 29 dead
after tourist bus
in Portugal: reports

A member of the Young Pioneers of China adjusts her iconic red scarf. Police in China have detained a woman they accused of insulting the outfit, which they said represents the country's flag and the blood of Communist martyrs. * Chinese livestreamer
arrested for ‘disrespecting’
iconic Communist scarfBanned Tsinghua University professor Xu Zhangrun is shown in an undated photo.Academics Call
on China’s Tsinghua
University to
Reinstate Professor

North Koreans cross the river border near Sinuiju, North Korea and Dandong, China.
U.N. Sanctions are
Good Business for
Chinese Smugglers
in North KoreaA Myanmar border guard policeman stands near a group of Rohingya Muslims in front of their homes in a village in Buthidaung township, western Myanmar's Rakhine state, Jan. 25, 2019.Myanmar Army
 Attack kills
least 10 Rohingya
Muslims in Rakhine
State* Some Chinese call
Japan’s new era name
‘ express disappntmnt

Uber is seeking a valuation of between $90-$100bn. — Reuters/File* Uber plans to sell
around $10 nn worth
of stock
in IPO
Image result for Crown shares tumble after Wynn cancels $7.1 Billion casino takeover* Crown shares tumble
after Wynn cancels $7.1
Billion casino takeover* Jeff Bezos to get
of Amazon.com
stock in divorce
from MacKenzie

* Here’s how 2 guys
from Alberta are
selling $300K
worth of
canned air a year

Image result for Hilaria Baldwin Confirms She Had a Miscarriage After Sharing Updates on Her Fifth Pregnancy* Hilaria Baldwin
Confirms she had
a Miscarriage after sharing
Updates on her Fifth pregnancy* Sugar mamma
website extends hand
to Bezos’ ex-wife
Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin, Academy of Country Music Awards arrivals 2019* ACM Awards 2019
Red Carpet Fashion:
See every Look as
the Stars Arrive

* Canadian Broadway
hit Come From
Away wins best new
musical in U.K.
*N. Korea shoots dead
2 female fortune tellers
in public execution
with tens of thousands
 ..Image result for Donald Trump officially labels Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terror group* D. Trump officially
labels Iran’s
Revolutionary Guard
a terror group

Image result for Kremlin says Mueller report 'doesn't reveal anything new' except 'no collusion'* Kremlin says Mueller
report ‘doesn’t reveal
anything new’ except
‘no collusion
* Donald Trump says
Boeing should ‘fix’
and ‘rebrand’ grounded
737 MAX jet
'If I Were Boeing...': What Donald Trump Advised The Airline* “If I Were Boeing…”:
What Donald Trump
dvised The Airline

Image result for Mar-a-Lago Club* Chinese woman Arrested
at Trump’s Florida
Resort to Remai
in Custody

A Chinese coast guard ship (back) sails next to a Vietnamese coast guard vessel in disputed waters in the South China Sea, May 14, 2014.* Vietnam Gets Six
Patrol Boats from U.S.
Signaling Closer Security Ties* Japan says name
of new imperial
era will be ‘Reiwa’Chinese riot police and military stand guard near Rongwo monastery, in China's Qinghai province, Sunday March 16, 2008. Chinese Police
Maintain presence in
Tibetan Monastery
Despite Passage of
Uprising Anniversaries

Amazon’s click-and collect strategy looks fuzzier than rivals’.* Walmart is Beating
Amazon in a Business
Worth $35 BillionSaudi Aramco* Rare glimpse into
Saudi Aramco shows
US$111 billion net profitImage result for Uber buys Careem; Airbus' big win; US housing dataUber buys Careem;
Airbus’ big win;
US housing data

Image result for Country superstars Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves lead the red carpet arrivals at the 2019 ACM Awards* ACM Awards 2019
Red Carpet Fashion:
See Every Look as
the Stars Arrive* 2019 Juno Awards
winners: Shawn Mendes
wins 5, incldng album
of the year

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Beautiful Quotes of Thomas Paine:

* Every science has for its basis a system of principles as fixed and unalterable as those by which the universe is regulated and governed. Man cannot make principles; he can only discover them.

* I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.

* He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.

* It is not a God, just and good, but a devil, under the name of God, that the Bible describes.

Health Art Discovery
To reward or punish
General support in B.C. for
vaccination uptake policies,
study finds
Woman intermittent fasting picking up some fruit4 Ways That Fasting For 16
Hours Has Improved My

Related imageFirst man to sign up for

head transplant bows out,
but surgeon insists list of
volunteers is still ‘quite long’HOW TO DO A PROPER
Healthy vegetablesIt’s actually cheaper to eat
— if you know how
A detail from Judith beheading HolofernesKamel Mennour to show
controversial ‘rediscovered’
Caravaggio in Paris galleryFBI and U.S. Attorney’s
Office seek Return of
Rococo Painting Allegedly
Looted by Nazis in UkraineLines and Coconuts: Art On
Paper Fair Opens on New
York’s Lower East SideThe Beheading of Saint John the Baptist* Bum notes: the cheeky
side of Renaissance art* Here’s the 2019
Venice Biennale Artist List
NASA’s InSight lander has
detected 1st ‘marsquake,’
cientists say
The first ever molecule formed in the universe — helium hydride, or HeH+ — has been detected out in space for the first time, a new study reportsThe FIRST type of molecular
‘building block’ formed in
the universe after the Big
Bang is found by a flying
telescope in a 600-year-old
planetary ‘nursery’ 3,000
light years away from Earth* ‘We’ve now seen the
unseeable’: Black hole
for the 1st time

First Spacewalk for the
Canadian Astronaut David
Saint-Jacques Will Take
Place Next Week


Happy Easter to All !! *** Chúc Mừng Phục-sinh … *** Joyeuses Pâques à tous !!
20-04-2019 _ Đại Lễ Phục sinh vòng quanh Thế-giới |
* Pâques célébrée autour du monde – Easter celebrated around The World. !!
* Video: Pope Francis – The Easter Vigil

News of the past days … Tin ngày qua:

Pope FrancisThe Easter Vigil 2019-04-20

The Way of the Cross 2019-04-19

Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion

Montreal priest stabbed during mass at St. Joseph’s Oratory

Saint Joseph's Oratory, stabbingMONTREAL — A Catholic priest has been stabbed as he was celebrating mass this morning at Montreal’s St. Joseph’s Oratory.

Montreal police say a 911 call was placed at around 8:40 a.m. When officers arrived at the landmark church, a male suspect was already detained by security guards.Police spokeswoman Caroline Chevrefils says the victim suffered minor injuries to his upper body and was taken to hospital. The suspect will be questioned by police this morning.

The diocese of Montreal identified the injured priest as Rev. Claude Grou, the Oratory’s rector.

ĐTC chủ sá»± nghi thức xức tro tại Đền thờ Thánh nữ Sabina +++ The Penitential Procession, Holy Mass, blessing and imposition of the ashes, presided over by Pope Francis +++ 

Đức Thánh Cha khai mạc mùa chay 2019

Chiều thứ tư lễ tro 6-3-2019, ĐTC đã chủ sự thánh lễ khai mạc mùa chay thánh, với nghi thức xức tro tại Đền thờ Thánh nữ Sabina ở Roma. Ngài kêu gọi các tín hữu từ bỏ cuộc sống hào nhoáng bên ngoài và lòng quyến luyến của cải.

Watch: Penitential Procession and Holy Mass


Kim guards running korea 2018

North Korean bodyguards jog next to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un at the inter-Korean summit on April 27, 2018. They’re now back — at the 2019 Vietnam Summit between North Korea and US President Donald Trump.

Kim Jong Un’s elite bodyguards — famous for running next to his diplomatic Mercedes — were back for his entrance to Vietnam ahead of his second summit with Trump

Kim Jong Un’s 12 bodyguards, who seamlessly jog in formation around his official Mercedes, have made the journey to Vietnam for Wednesday’s US-North Korea summit.

The suited guards shot to fame eight months ago when they jogged in formation around Kim’s car as it passed through Singapore during the first summit between Donald Trump and Kim, the first top-level meeting between the US and North Korea.

They were captured again by TV cameras on Tuesday. Footage below from Euronews shows them transitioning into jogging formation as Kim’s official Mercedes passed crowds on the way to his residence in Hanoi…


Image result for President Trump as an Emperor 'Master-Drone'You Can’t Unsee This Giant Parade Float of President Trump as an Emperor ‘Master-Drone’.

The Trump float is called “The Master-Drone” and was made by artist Fabrizio Galli, who has made similar sculptures that satirize other political figures.

By HELEN MURPHY| February 19, 2019 02:53 PM

A giant papier-mâché float of President Donald Trump has been making waves at one of Italy’s famous Carnival events this month.

The sculpture, which shows the president decked out as an emperor, complete with cape and sword, is appearing at the Carnevale Di Viareggio festival held in Viareggio each year during Carnival, an annual festival season before Lent.

This year’s festivities — which includes a weekly parade of large, elaborate paper-mâché floats that often have a political message — mark the 146th year of the event. It attracts more than 600,000 spectators each year, according to the official parade website.

The Trump float is called “The Master-Drone” and was created by artist Fabrizio Galli. Galli has made similar sculptures that satirize political figures in the past, including North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin 

“The Master-Drone” shows the president in golden battle armor, including a sword covered in blue birds fashioned after the Twitter logo and a gold crown. He also has a large clawed hand.

On the float, an American eagle can be seen on one of Trump’s shoulders while Putin’s head rests on the other. The Statue of Liberty appears on one of his knees.

Oscar 2019

Oscar 2019

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